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Showcase your treasures with acrylic display boxes

Updated: Jul 2

Keep your most treasured possessions safe from the elements while allowing everyone to enjoy viewing them.

If you enjoy collecting, you will understand the importance of preserving and displaying your most prized possessions with care and in style.

From a personal collection of cherished model cars to larger items such as historical artefacts in a museum, the right display solution can make all the difference.

Acrylic stands out with its strength, versatility and aesthetics.

Clarity and Transparency

Acrylic has exceptional clarity, transmitting 92% of light, and offers a crystal-clear surface. It allows for maximum visibility, ensuring that no detail of your prized possession will go unnoticed.

Durability and Strength

They are lightweight while being incredibly strong. In fact, it's 10x stronger than glass, plus it's more impact-resistant. For once we can really get the best of both worlds! Acrylic less prone to breakage or shattering, making it an ideal material to protect valuables.

Easy Maintenance

Acrylic is not as prone to smudges, fingerprints or streaks like glass. It is easy to clean and maintain. Having a low-maintenance material means your display boxes will always look great with minimal effort.

Versatile and Appealing

This is an easy to customise material, which means we can meet your unique application needs. Our clients tell us how they prefer their display cases to be and acrylic allows easy shaping and molding with precision. We can make them in various sizes to accommodate collections of any scale. The finished product exudes a modern and sophisticated look and adds a touch of elegance to your display area. It literally draws the eye to the treasure it houses.

For a beautiful marriage of functionality and style, acrylic wins hands down. Do you have a personal treasure you wish to keep safe, protected and showcase for generations to come? Speak to us about customising an acrylic display case.

With over 30 years of experience in plastics engineering, design and manufacturing, Abstract Plastics works across a variety of plastic materials including acrylic, Polycarbonate, CA, Acetal, Nylon, PVC, HD/LDPE etc. We custom build applications related to homes e.g shelves and cabinets, plexiglass doors, windows for caravans and boats, wall and ceiling acoustic panels, pool fences etc.

Check out our range of applications:

Need to custom make display cases, shelves or point of sale displays with Acrylic? Contact us.

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