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Polycarbonate Barrier Screens for a Safe Drive

Updated: Jun 12

Protective barrier polycarbonate screens make it safe for both driver and passenger and ensure a pleasant ride.

We were really pleased when this new MG SUV zoomed out of Abstract Plastics with a sturdy new protective barrier screen. Barrier screens are made from impact resistant polycarbonate material and a useful addition to enhance vehicles for those working in the taxi or Uber industry and those in the disability or mental health services industries who take passengers around to health appointments.


Barrier screens are made from durable polycarbonate which is a high-strength material. Polycarbonate is bullet resistant, hammer proof and knife proof which makes it a popular choice for security applications. It has 250x the impact resistance of glass, and does not shatter on impact. This gives the material a much longer-lasting use.


It does not take long to install barrier screens and they can be custom-designed to suit your vehicle. It does not eat up space with the installation and still allows for maximum space for both driver and passengers.

Barrier screens can be fitted for any vehicle model. It is easy to keep clean with antibacterial cleaning products.


Barrier screens have been around for a long time as a safety device.

Protective barrier screen Abstract Plastics

A barrier screen serves as a way to protect people in health situations, or in general for drivers who are in constant contact with patients who have to travel to hospitals and clinics regularly. It is as much to keep the driver safe as it is to protect the passengers' health. It gives peace of mind to people who have low immunity and would prefer to be able to breathe freely and not worry about either their own health or that of the driver's. See it as a respectful way of social distancing without losing sight of one another, and conversations can still be freely exchanged.

In more extreme situations, a barrier screen serves to protect drivers from incidents of attacks. Those working in the taxi industry would understand and appreciate having the screen as a way to keep their working space safe. These are unfortunate work hazards that come with the job, and if there is something that drivers can do to keep themselves safe, it is more than worthwhile to get it installed.

For taxi and Uber drivers, and those in the disability or mental health services who ferry passengers, it is important to ensure their vehicle is fully equipped with the proper applications so they can do their work safely and in peace. Some people are house proud and take really good care of their homes. Drivers also take pride in their vehicles and having passengers feel safe and at ease is an important part of their job.

We are here to answer any queries you may have about installing a protective barrier screen for your vehicle. Drive safe, and have a pleasant journey!

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