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Australian Made Protein Skimmers

Protein Skimmers to enhance aquarium filtration made by Abstract Plastics, plastic fabrication in Port Macquarie

Protein Skimmers Enhance Aquarium Filtration

A protein skimmer or foam fractionator is a device used to remove organic compounds such as food and waste particles from water. It is most commonly used in commercial applications like municipal water treatment facilities and public aquariums. They are essential for successful marine aquariums.

By effectively removing protein and other organic waste materials, protein skimmers maintain a healthy aquarium environment. Protein skimmers allow the primary filtration system to perform more efficiently and also provide numerous other benefits for superior water quality and clarity.


Protein skimmers use the adsorption process to remove organic waste materials from the water column. 


Waste materials are pulled out of the water and stick to the surface of air bubbles. Thousands of protein-skimming micro-bubbles are generated within the protein skimmer reaction chamber. As these micro-bubbles travel through the skimmer, the waste on the bubbles is condensed and transported into the protein skimmer collection cup. 


This active waste-removal process allows mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration to work more efficiently.


Protein skimmers extract organic waste material out of the water column. Skimmate (the foamy waste material) that is inside the collection cup is completely removed from the water column. It cannot release pollutants (like ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate) back into the aquarium.

A properly maintained protein skimmer provides a near endless supply of waste-binding surfaces. This perpetuates efficient waste removal without need for replacement media or fear of pollutants leaching into the aquarium.

Protein skimmers help maintain low nitrate levels by slowing down nitrate buildup. They remove organic waste before it breaks down and releases nitrogen compounds. The use of a protein skimmer is essential in reef aquariums where a very low nitrate level is crucial for coral health.


The many secondary benefits of protein skimmers improve the overall health and quality of water in your marine aquarium. In addition to efficient waste removal, protein skimmers also:

  • Reduce phosphate to help prevent aggressive nuisance algae growth.

  • Remove any biological toxins released from corals, algae, or invertebrates.

  • Promote proper gas exchange and increase oxygen level for healthy inhabitants.

  • Help maintain proper pH by preventing acidic condition due to carbon dioxide buildup.

  • Help support a large bioload, particularly when used in conjunction with a sump.

  • Remove oily surface wastes to help improve light penetration in your aquarium.

  • Improve REDOX and reduce disease-causing organisms when used with an ozonizer.


Protein skimmers create thousands of fine bubbles to efficiently remove waste materials from the aquarium water column. The air bubbles attract and condense these waste materials into scummy looking foam and transport it to the collection cup for convenient removal.


Protein Skimmer Products
Made in Australia

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