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Plastic Welding and Repairs

Kayak repairs by Abstract Plastics, plastic fabricator in Port Macquarie

Some of the Plastic Welding and Repair Services offered at Abstract Plastics

Farm and industrial equipment parts repairs

Rural water tank repairs
Aquaculture tanks and filtration repairs
Boat and Caravan window repairs
Motorhome window repairs
Kayak, canoe and surf ski repairs
Pool fence repairs
Pumps and housing repairs
PVC repairs

As a local plastic fabricating specialist based in Port Macquarie, Abstract Plastics' expertise, knowledge and experience range from custom built applications such as bio safety screens to supplying ballistics-rated polycarbonates.

There are many types of plastics on the market, and to the untrained eye, it is not possible to know the characteristics of each type and how they behave. Some types of plastic take to repairs well and others are considered irreparable. 

"Engineered" plastics do not have a pure plastic molecular structure. Additives have been added to it to give it structural integrity. While it does make the material more stable structurally-speaking, it also comes with a downside of making it more brittle and it reduces their shock-absorbing capacity. These types of plastics are more prone to breakage on impact, and it is a non-repairable type of plastic by standard plastic welding techniques.

At Abstracts Plastics, we understand every type of plastic. Our experience, knowledge and skill allow us to guide clients to make the best possible decision for their repairs. We give clients a clear view of their options so they save on time and money. 

Abstract Plastics identifies which types of plastics are suitable for repairs. These may involve repairs to remove scratches and cracks to have your plastics looking better, lasting longer and performing better. We offer superior quality plastic welding services to increase strength and reduce cycle times.

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