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Acrylic/Perspex point of sales display stands, shelves and boxes

Updated: Jul 2

Attract customers to your products.

Show your products proudly. Abstract Plastics will custom make:

  • Retail temporary and permanent shelves and display stands

  • Food display cabinets for cafes and shops

  • Shields to protect assets in commercial places including museums

Drury Lane Eatery Cake Display Counter Bakery and cafe cake displays are hard at work at Drury Lane Eatery keeping delicious cakes and cookies happy and safely displayed.

Optical Display Cabinet

Ready to go to an optometrist to display their range of eyewear.

Temporary POS display Stands Custom made display stands to showcase your sunglasses, shoe or anything you're selling in your retail shops or at the markets.

Protective weather shield

Protective weather shield by Abstract Plastics t/ (02) 6584 8907

Protective weather shield to protect an antique petrol bowser at Sheathers on High in Wauchope. From antique toys to rare displays that you want to protect against public nuisance or weather.

Shoe Display Stands Display any point of sale temporary in your store, giving the ability for customers to interact with the product.

Learn more about Abstract Plastics Perspex/Acrylic Display Stands, Shelves and Boxes:

Need a durable display stand to showcase your products? Contact us.

Contact Abstract Plastics for acrylic perspex sheets
Abstract Plastics

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