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Here's what we do at Abstract Plastics

Abstract Plastics Services and Perspex Applications. Plastic fabricator Port Macquarie
  • Plastic fabrication and welding

  • Laser Cutting and CNC services

  • Plastics Engineering and design

  • Industrial/sacrificial wear plates

  • Farm and rural water tank repairs

  • Boat and Caravan window repairs

  • Motorhome window repairs

  • Kayak, canoe and surf ski repairs

  • Pool fence repairs

  • Pumps and housing repairs

  • PVC repairs

  • Earthmoving and tractor windows

  • Fuel tanks

  • Motorcycle fairings

  • Vehicle fairings

  • Custom display boxes and cases

  • Mower chutes and catchers

  • Playground equipment

  • Garbage bins

  • Onsite custom installation services

Wall and ceiling paneling by Abstract Plastics, plastic fabricator Port Macquarie
Abstract Plastics Aquaculture Solutions, plastic fabricator Port Macquarie


  • PPS6 Foam Fractionation Tank

  • Foam Fractionation Skimmer Cup

  • Repairs

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