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Proudly displaying with Acrylic Display Boxes

Guide the eyes to look at what you're proud of while providing protection.

Our clients are loving our Acrylic Display Boxes, and it's one of our popular application requests from our community. We love helping our clients showcase what they are most proud of, be it a product for their business, or simply a passion or hobby that's close to their hearts and which they want to keep safe and protected.

Acrylic Display Boxes

We recently did Acrylic Display Boxes for a client's antique model trucks, and we enjoyed discussing the needs and suitability of the materials, providing the service of assembling everything as much as we enjoyed experiencing our client's passion for his collection of antique model trucks! In every project we take on, we are not only sharing our knowledge and experience in plastics applications with our clients, we are also learning something new from them too.

Acrylic is a popular choice for many because this clear or solid coloured plastic sheet has superior clarity and strength and is highly versatile. Look around you and you'll see acrylic at work everywhere e.g. signages, shelves, displays, windows, fencing etc.

Learn more about Acrylic here.

Benefits of acrylic:

  • More affordable than both glass and polycarbonate.

  • Resists yellowing from the sun

  • Better clarity than glass transmitting 92% of light

  • Easier to machine and form

  • Shiny material that can be polished to a smooth finish

  • Has an impact resistance that is 17x that of glass

  • Easy to clean

  • Available in a range of colours

Abstract Plastics is experienced in plastics engineering, design, and manufacturing, and brings over three decades of expertise to the table. Our team specialises in working with a wide range of plastic materials, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, CA, acetal, nylon, PVC, HD/LDPE, and more. We excel in creating custom applications for residential spaces, including shelves, cabinets, plexiglass doors, windows for caravans and boats, wall and ceiling acoustic panels, pool fences, and much more.

Check out our range of applications:

Have something you want to proudly display? Contact us.

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