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Choosing acrylic for pool fences

Updated: Jul 9

If your pool fences do not meet the height required, it's time to get them redone.

Pool safety is a priority to make sure you and your family can fully enjoy it. There are regulations governing pool fences to ensure the safety of everyone using the pool. Height limitation is something we need to pay attention to. Whether you are repairing or renewing your pool fences for your own home or upgrading the fences to sell a house, Abstract Plastics can help.

Acrylic for pool fences | Abstract Plastics

Meet the minimum height requirement

There are height requirements for pool fences to prevent potential accidents. Always check the requirements of the state you are in as failure to comply with the minimum height can result in a fine, and it can pose a risk to the safety of everyone using the pool. In NSW, Australia, pool fences have to be at least 1.2m in height.

Regular checks

Make sure you inspect your pool fences regularly to make sure they are in a good state. Check for loose or damaged parts. It is a good idea to get repairs done before the damage worsens. Abstract Plastics offers pool fence repair services to get them looking like new.

Acrylic is a cheaper and safer material for pool fences

Acrylic offers unparalleled transparency, providing unobstructed views of the pool area. This makes your pool area look aesthetically pleasing and allows for improved supervision, especially when children are around.

Acrylic is 10 times stronger than glass, with an impact resistance 17 times that of glass. It is in fact more affordable than glass. It also has better clarity, transmitting 92% of light.

Acrylic is highly durable and resistant to harsh weather elements, which is why they are such a favourite for outdoor applications. It withstands UV exposure and temperature fluctuations, ensuring more sustainability in terms of its use and reduced maintenance requirements.

Compared to glass, acrylic is shatterproof, eliminating the risk of dangerous bits of broken glass in the event of breakage. This increases the overall safety of your pool area, and gives homeowners peace of mind.

We love acrylic because it can be easily customised to fit any pool design or layout. It's incredibly flexible that way and clients have more freedom to choose the look they want or incorporate unique features such as decorative panels.

If you are planning to repair your pool fences or if you need to get it fixed in order to sell a property, getting an acrylic pool fence is a cheaper alternative to glass. In fact, acrylic is the most widely used material around swimming pool as fence guards. Choosing acrylic as the material for your pool fence offers unmatched transparency, durability, and safety for years to come.

As a local plastic fabricating specialist in Port Macquarie, we are highly experienced in knowing which material offers the best characteristics for each unique application. Knowing which material to use for each installation makes a big difference to the lifespan of the installation and ensuring a financially efficient investment.

Speak to us if you are looking to repair your pool fences or completely redo them.

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