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Making damaged boat windows as good as new with acrylic

Updated: Jul 2

Extend the life of your beloved boats by replacing crazed, scratched or broken windows with acrylic.

Take a look at the incredible Before and After photographs of some projects we did for our client's boats. The boats came to us with windows in a really damaged state and we are so proud of how beautiful they were looking when they left our premises.


Having chosen acrylic as the material with the best characteristics for this project, the boats now look as good as new, and are proud to be out sailing right away!

AFTER - Ready to set sail!

New acrylic boat windows | Abstract Plastics

AFTER - Beautiful, bright and looking like new!

Why do boats love acrylic windows?

  • Its clarity gives you a great view of the scenery while you're sailing on the waters.

  • Being out in the open sea is tough, and acrylic is durable enough to withstand the elements.

  • It is easy to clean and maintain.

  • It is shatter-resistant so you won't end up with dangerous broken bits if it breaks.

  • Get protection from the sun's harmful rays with its UV-resistant trait.

  • Easy to cut and install, acrylic allows us to custom-make your boat windows to fit what you need.

We love getting to know each and every boat our clients send our way and giving them a whole new life with acrylic. Speak to us about repairing damaged boat windows.

Learn more about Abstract Plastics acrylic sheets:

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