Signbond Aluminium Composite Panel 3mm


Signbond® is a light weight aluminum composite panel consisting of a polyethylene core sandwiched between 0.2mm aluminum sheets which is coated with a high quality polyester lacquering system.

Signbond® comes with high gloss on one side and a matt finish on the other side. This provides an extremely flat and flawless surface which is very light weight.

Signbond® can be sculptured, folded and rolled without deformation, wrinkling or delaminating of the aluminum surface.The sheet comes with an easy peel protective film to insure product quality


Product Features

  • Super peeling strength
  • Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
  • Weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance
  • Ink adhesion properties
  • Impact resistant
  • Light weight and easy to process
  • Easy to maintain


Product Applications

  • Signage
  • Shop Fitting and design
  • Manufacture of point of sale displays
  • Trade show stand designs
  • Transport
  • Partitioning, wall linings and suspended ceilings
  • Wide industrial applications


Model: MSB
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